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I joined the Navy out of high school and served 13 years on submarines. With a degree in computer sciences and another in english literature, I'm part engineering nerd, part computer geek, and writer wanna be, and still learning everyday.

Using Ulysses to Reignite My Writing

I've been struggling with my re-write / edit of a novel length project. It's been very difficult for me to grab any sizable amount of time to work on the project. Well, that's not entirely accurate. The time is there, but finding a chunk of time when I'm also motivated and in a writing mood [...]

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WOTD: Gonfalon

A Gonfalon is a type of flag or banner suspended from a crossbar.

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10 Year Plan: Annapolis Boat Show 2015

What a great way to spend a few days of vacation! Annapolis in October is beautiful, and the boat show is amazing. I learned a lot, and will plan to go again in the future. Someday, I'll get to attend on my own boat. Here are all the pictures I took during the event in [...]

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10 Year Plan: Annapolis Boat Show Day 1

I'm using my vacation time this year to check out the Annapolis Boat Show. I drove up yesterday, 10/8/15, and hit the show early this morning. To be honest, I was almost as excited for the long drive as I was for the boat show. I love long road trips, and this was a great [...]

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Walk By The River

Nice evening for a walk by the river.       

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