William Estep Profile


I’m Bill, a programmer, writer, technology and photography enthusiast, and wanna-be full time sailor.

I have been blogging off and on for 15+ years. WilliamEstep.com is written and maintained by me. I joined the Navy straight out of high school and served 13 years on submarines. With a degree in computer sciences and another in english literature, I’m part engineering nerd, part computer geek, part writer.

After the military, I started working for The Nemours Foundation in 1997, and enjoyed managing the application development teams. In 2014, I shifted roles, and now work on the Marketing and Communications team as the technical architect and in-house video editor.

Desktop Software

  • Iterm2: Great terminal replacement for the Mac.
  • zsh and oh-my-zsh: A great bash replacement that makes life on the command line fun again.
  • SublimeText: Wonderful text editor. Especially useful for batch changes across multiple files.
  • Scrivener: Literature and Latte’s brilliant long form writing software.
  • MacVim: Yes, I’m a vi user.
  • nvAlt: That Brett Terpstra guy is awesome. Fast, very fast text file management.

Website Tools

This is a phython django site, and I tend to use Markdown whenever possible.