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Aerogarden Adventures

My sister and I have had enough birthdays and other gift holidays over the years to work out a fairly good system. We either ask for suggestions from the person getting the gifts, and try to work from there, or double up on something we wanted anyway. Over the years, ...


Yep, that says 100F. That's smoldering for north Florida this time of year. Enjoy!


A friend of mine used my car while I was out of town this past week for work, and he cleaned it to within an inch of it's life! Everything has been cleaned, even the upholstery. The car now has a nice light coconut air freshener smell. Awesome!

Early Year Ride

Had a nice bike ride today. It was a bit chilly, but managed the mid to upper 60's. I used the excuse to head down to St. Augustine and check out the location of the sailing school I'm investigating. The sailing school fits into my 10 year plan...which I should ...

Happy New Year! Welcome 2015!

The past few days have been very interesting and memorable. I finally found a nice (and small) dining table for my apartment from a work friend, Connie. It's very nice and sturdy. Retrieving the table required venturing way into the country, but it was a fun drive and it was ...