"The Silver Ships," by S.H. Jucha

Posted on Mon 09 February 2015 in ClubReading

S.H. Jucha's debut novel, "The Silver Ships," introduces a future universe where colony ships from old Earth have settled in different, distant systems, and worked to make a life for themselves.

Two of the groups, with very different experiences and opportunities, meet again after centuries. The now, very different …

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Legacy Stuff

Posted on Tue 23 September 2014 in ClubReading

I don't plan on doing too much of this, but there are some posts from the old sites that I really like and want to keep around and refer to occasionally. So I'm going to add them here with the rough original post dates. But I don't plan to completely …

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"Breaking the Surface" by Greg Louganis

Posted on Sat 26 May 2012 in ClubReading

Review written for ClubReading.com by Bill in 2001

I love to read. Every once in a while, a book comes along that reminds me so thoroughly why I love to read. This is just such a book.

I've been following the rescue attempts of the Russian Submarine, Kursk. At …

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"Americas Boy: A Memoir" by Wade Rouse

Posted on Sun 25 October 2009 in ClubReading

Reviewer: linda

A small-town boy who dresses in his mothers bikini when he's five so he can be queen of the pageant has some issues to address in his life, especially when that small town is in rural southwestern Missouri.

Rouse tells wonderful tales of a family that may not …

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"A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian: A Novel" by Marina Lewycka

Posted on Thu 15 October 2009 in ClubReading

Reviewer: linda

The main characters in this book are Ukrainian immigrants in the U.K. The narrator is the youngest daughter, and she doesn’t remember WWII. Her father and older sister, however, have vivid memories, memories they have never shared with the narrator. The book weaves the tale of …

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"A House in Sicily" by Daphne Phelps

Posted on Wed 14 October 2009 in ClubReading

Daphne Phelps inherited a house in Sicily called Casa Cuseni. At the time, Daphne had no knowledge of Italian, no money, and was war-weary. At 34, she moved to the small Sicilian town of Taormina expecting to sell the house.

After 50 years and guests like Tennessee Williams, Bertrand Russel …

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"The Novelist" by Angela Hunt

Posted on Mon 12 October 2009 in ClubReading

Reviewer: spratt

Angela Hunt is in the top five of my favorite authors list. Her stories are exciting from page 1 to the end. I know when I start one; it is likely to be a very late night. They are hard to put down. "The Novelist" is a little …

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"Empire Falls (Vintage Contemporaries)" by Richard Russo

Posted on Thu 25 June 2009 in ClubReading

Russo's novel is wonderful! The characters, even the minor characters are real, tangible, quirky, heartwarming and heartbreaking. His writing style is rich and engaging; his style reminds me of John Cheever, or John Updike, John somebody anyway.

Empire Falls, a small mill town in Maine, has seen the last of …

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"Unspoken" by Angela Hunt

Posted on Wed 24 June 2009 in ClubReading

Reviewer: spratt

Some people think humans evolved from apes...gorillas. Glee Granger thinks gorillas are almost human and can be taught to think and talk. Rob (Glee's brother) thinks gorillas are animals, but he talks with Sema, Glee's gorilla. Brad Fielding (director of Gorilla exhibit at zoo) thinks gorillas are …

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"The Cat Who Went into the Closet (Cat Who...)" by Lilian Jackson Braun

Posted on Mon 22 June 2009 in ClubReading

Another interesting tale with Qwilleran and his two cats. In this installment, they are renting a large mansion on the main street of town. The owner of the house is retired and now living in Florida. When the owner suddenly commits suicide, Qwilleran suspects foul play.

Qwilleran is quickly becoming …

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