Posted on Wed 04 February 2015 in Writing

"Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal."

~ Albert Camus

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Provided by W. H. Auden

Posted on Mon 10 November 2014 in Writing

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Dragons Past and Present

Posted on Sun 25 August 2013 in Writing

Below is a paper I wrote for a college lit class. It was a fun research project. Enjoy - Bill

Dragons appear in our oldest mythology and folklore. Dragons have been a source of terror and mystery, throughout history. They populate early mythology, medieval literature, the Renaissance, and modern fiction. The …

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Old Words

Posted on Wed 06 February 2013 in Writing

Packing, boxes, tape, more boxes more tape.... That's my life for the next few weeks. I'm getting ready to move. Finally facing reality and ditching the too-big house and moving into an apartment in the part of town where stuff actually happens.

And I am going to use this opportunity …

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Equus Movie

Posted on Sun 28 August 2011 in Writing

I agree with many of the other reviewers on Netflix, that the play is much more intense, and a much better experience.

Burton is amazing. He gives a terrific performance. But like any adaptation, the original will almost always be better. Peter Firth also gives a terrific performance.

The controversy …

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