I'm Bill, a programmer, writer, and technology enthusiast. I have been blogging off and on for 10+ years.

L’heure entre chien et loup.

On Twitter I share any random thought that jumps into my head, or interesting links I run across. That's what twitter is for, right? :-) I put my long form thoughts on my blog. Enjoy!

The Author

DragonTender.com is written and maintained by Bill Estep. Bill is an IT manager working in healthcare. He joined The Nemours Foundation in 1997, and currently enjoys managing the application development teams. His responsibilities are shifting from the day to day management of the teams, to setting strategy for brand and social services. Bill joined the Navy out of high school and served 13 years on submarines. With a degree in computer sciences and another in english literature, he is part engineering nerd, part computer geek, and writer wanna be.

Desktop and Desktop Software

Scrivener: Literature and Latte's brilliant long form writing software.

BBEdit: Bare Bones BBEdit 10. Some days I hate it...some days I love it. Great text editor, especially if you have a bunch of files to work with.

MacVim: Yes, I'm a vi user.

nvAlt: That Brett Terpstra guy is awesome. Fast, very fast text file management.

OmniFocus: How I deal with tasks.

Byword: I find myself turning to this great text editor more and more. Now that the iOS version is out, I'm hooked.

Website Tools

DragonTender.com is a Drupal site. I tend to use Markdown whenever possible.