My 10 Year Plan

Over the years I've heard many folks talk about their dream retirement, and it often involves buying an RV and traveling around. I've never understood the appeal. Why would I want to live in a 'camper' clogging up the nations highways and spending all of my retirement money on gas? Also, what's the appeal of KOA campgrounds or WalMart parking lots?

No thank you!

But, replace the RV with a sailboat, one capable of bluewater sailing, and now you've got something. That idea gets me excited. I could easily spend a season or two wandering around the Keys, or years exploring the Canadian Maritimes.

And the more I research the idea, reading books and learning what others have done, the more I love the idea.

That is the germ that grew my 10 year plan.

I turned 50. That's right, in June of 2015, I become a quinquagenarian! This arrival, yet somewhat arbitrary milestone, got me thinking about retirement and what I'd like to do and what I'd like to learn over the next 5, 10, 20 years, and the thing that keeps floating to the top is travel. Naturally the two notions, travel and sailing, grew together and began forming into a plan.

60 seems like a good time to retire. It's not so far over the hill that adventurous pursuits seem out of reach, and not so soon that I try and fail because I'm ill prepared. 10 years feels like a good, solid amount of time to research and implement a plan of this magnitude.

10 Year Plan: Annapolis Boat Show 2015

What a great way to spend a few days of vacation! Annapolis in October is beautiful, and the boat show is amazing.

I learned a lot, and will plan to go again in the future. Someday, I'll get to attend on my own boat.

Here are all the pictures I took during the event in one gallery.


10 Year Plan: Annapolis Boat Show Day 1

I'm using my vacation time this year to check out the Annapolis Boat Show. I drove up yesterday, 10/8/15, and hit the show early this morning.

To be honest, I was almost as excited for the long drive as I was for the boat show. I love long road trips, and this was a great opportunity to chill and listen to podcasts. It was a nice drive with little drama. The only challenge was I-95 closure in South Carolina. But Waze routed me around it without any issue.

I headed in early this morning to familiarize myself with the show layout. My plan today was to hit many of the free seminars. Tomorrow I am in the Take the Wheel seminar all day, and Sunday I plan to hit all the tents/vendors I didn't see today.

I figured I would end up taking hundreds of pictures, but today I was overwhelmed. I did take a few, so enjoy the gallery below.


Living the Life: Curtis Westsail

I ran across the Curtis Westsail channel on youtube a few months ago, and quickly felt I'd found a kindred spirit. Writing at Live Aboard Boats, and posting videos on his youtube channel, Captain Curt has been sharing his adventure as he struggles to free himself from the normal cycle of life, mortgages, work stress, debt....

While we're not the same age, and don't necessarily share the same philosophies regarding society, I can see a lot of parallels with Captain Curtis adventures, and my 10 Year Plan. As a matter of fact, when I first started dreaming about sailing and sailboats, the Westsail 32 was the first boat added to my research list.

I haven't watched all 69 (as of today) episodes of his vlog, but I've watched a bunch, and I enjoy the ones where he's cooking dinner, or shopping for a new tender as much as the ones where he's working on the boat.

Captain Curt has a great attitude and puts together a great and entertaining video, so subscribe to his channel and enjoy!

"Beyond the West Horizon" by Eric and Susan Hiscock

I ran across the film by Eric and Susan Hiscock narrating their three plus year circumnavigation in the early '50's.

The film has great historic images and events. Around the 20 minute mark, they visit the Panama Canal, and it's a fascinating look at cargo and trade transport now more than half a century ago.

Another reason I found the whole thing fascinating is their 30 foot yacht, Wanderer III.


Birthday Books

I spent a birthday gift certificate on books. Couple of sailing guides, a book about knots, and the Chapman piloting and seamanship 67th edition.

Great stuff and looking forward to reading each one.