“When You Are Engulfed in Flames” David Sedaris

Book Cover

Like his other wonderful books, David Sedaris’ book, When You Are Engulfed in Flames is hilarious, moving, disturbing and just plain wonderful!

In Chapter 2, “Keeping Up” he lists the fashion do’s and don’ts he has learned over the years, like the Mrs. Beasley glasses. Priceless information! His obsession, however, with a spider he named April was a bit disturbing.

He goes on, in one essay, talking about smoking, how he started and what it was like growing up in my generation. A very nostalgic section, with the harsh and hard hitting bite of that first cigarette in the morning.

This book may not be as side-splitting funny as some of David’s others, but each story is engaging, and the overall satirical, yet moving nature of the book is classic Sedaris.

If you have the option, listen to this book as an audio book. From Audible.com, the book is read by the author, and the experience is like a wonderful 8 hour long NPR David Sedaris marathon.

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